First establishing himself as a composer on a variety of projects such as film (Ikke naken in 2003), the band Vamp, theater, TV documentaries, and then as a touring artist and musician in 2008. Odin released his debut soloalbum in 2015.

Not exactly in line with what others saw as writing songs Odin aspired a style that resists style.
«it feels as if it is written by hand, if you know what I mean» (VG) «a very special debut» (AFTENPOSTEN) «mellom husene blows the horizon on how to listen to pop music, and the understanding of what pop is supposed to be» (SMTP) is some of the feedback he got for his debut album.
In between touring and making music he has also established himself as a producer, doing an average of 3 productions a year.
In the fall 2020 he will release Sillajass, an abstract pop album based on the music he was commissioned to make for the festival Sildajazz in 2019. Here he reflects on his life a as a young man who has recently lost his mother to cancer in the small town which calls itself Sildabyen (Herring city). The project is being supported with a series of nine music videos.

Odin is an artist, composer, musician and a member of the Norwegian band Vamp.
His work has earned him a nomination to the Norwegian grammys (Spellemannsprisen) as «popular composer of the year 2008» as well as earning a grammy with the band Vamp with the album Siste stikk in 2005 and nominated for «hit of the year» for the song liten fuggel in 2012 and the album st. mandag in 2008.